Agro-JAM is assisting, educating and financing the agriculture industry in developing nations.

Our Mission

In today’s agricultural industry, there are many questions that arise concerning higher production, larger markets, sustainable practices and smaller environmental impact. The world population is demanding more food, higher quality, and more product choices. Agro-JAM has the answers.

Agriculture Programs

The developing world is simultaneously increasing in numbers and wealth, and decreasing in food production. With a great resource of indigenous labor and arable lands, most developing nations are not realizing their agricultural potential. Agro-JAM’s agricultural programs work in developing nations to assist and educate, to form co-ops, and through our sister company, Grupo Financiero JAM, to finance the agriculture industry in the developing nations where we have a presence.

Feeding the World

Agro-JAM is a direct supplier of many high quality agricultural products, produced in our farms or our co-ops. This way we can provide the highest quality at the best prices, while improving the lives and practices of our workers and owners. We supply large volumes of many products and commodities. Prices fluctuate daily. (See our products and prices)