About Us

In today's agricultural industry, there are many questions that arise concerning higher production, larger markets, sustainable practices and smaller environmental impact. The world population is demanding more food, higher quality, and more product choices. Agro-JAM has the answers.

Committed to supplying the world with high quality food supplies at reasonable prices, Agro-JAM is increasingly involved at the source. We take seriously the notion that to make a long term business, you must have a long term commitment. We are committed to the growers whether they are our partners or our sources.

Agro-JAM painstakingly seeks out the best products and not just buys, but works with the source. Agro-JAM works to help the smaller farmers produce more, and teaches sustainable practices. We use our sister company, Grupo Financiero JAM, S.A. De C.V. to provide farmers with capital and equipment they need to succeed.

Through our programs, we have partnered with and formed many co-ops throughout the world. We have co-ops in Mexico, Honduras, Indonesia, China and currently undertaking a project in Côte d'Ivorie. Our work in these countries helps these people increase their quality of life, and quality of product.

We have bananas from Mexico, citrus fruits from Mexico and Florida, cassava products from Honduras and Indonesia, sugar from Brazil and many types of beans from Brazil and China. We are well positioned to provide staples to a world market. With customers in Guatemala, Pakistan, the Ukraine, the Netherlands, United States, Canada and South Africa, we are suited to feed the world. Click here to see our full range of products.

Agro-JAM is a division of JAM, LLC. For more information about JAM and its other companies, please visit http://www.jayandmartin.com.

Agro-JAM - feeding the world.