Agriculture Programs

The developing world is simultaneously increasing in numbers and wealth, and decreasing in food production. With a great resource of indigenous labor and arable lands, most developing nations are not realizing their agricultural potential.

Agro-JAM’s agricultural programs work in developing nations to assist and educate, to form co-ops, and through our sister company, Grupo Financiero JAM, to finance the agriculture industry in the developing nations where we have a presence.

From our headquarters in San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico, we are currently undertaking multiple agricultural projects in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil, Indonesia, China and Côte d'Ivorie. Our goal is to educate farmers in sustainable practices, to analyze their soils to pick optimum crops, to increase their production, lower their impact on the environment, and improve their and their workers standard of living.

We are currently working with bananas, coffee and citrus fruits in Mexico, beans and coffee in Guatemala, cassava products in Honduras, beans and sugar in Brazil, cassava products in Indonesia, beans in China, and a new 30,000 hectare project in Côte d'Ivorie, where we will teach the locals to grow cassava, bananas and corn (maize).

Where the is a housing need, we build it. Where there is a medical need, we establish clinics. Where there is no infrastructure, we build it. Where there is no equipment, we lend/lease it. Where there are dim prospects for the future, we shine the light. Using the people and their talents, we give them a future.

We are empowered to make this possible by four means:

  1. Our corporate vision to improve the lives of everyone we touch.
  2. Our motto to "feed the world."
  3. Financing from our sister company, Grupo Financiero JAM, S.A. De C.V.
  4. Our small lender participation program.

If you are interested in finding out more or participating in our projects, please contact us.

Agro-JAM - feeding the world.