Hard Winter Wheat #2

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Short Description:
USA Hard Winter Wheat Grade #2

Country of Origin:
United States


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Extended Description:
Origin: United States
Protein: 14.5 % Average
Moisture: 12 % Average
Damaged Kernels: 0.5 % Average
Foreign Materials: 0.5% Average
Imperfect Grains: 0.5% Average
Shrunken/Broken: 1.8% Average
Falling Numbers: 300 Average
Dockage: 1-3 % Average
Wet Gluten: 26% Average
Dry Gluten: 10% Average
Radiation: Normal
Water Absorption: 76% Average
Test Weight: 78.9 KG/HL Average
Crop: Most Recent

Free of Molding, Chemicals, Pests, or Insects. This product is “Non-Genetically Modified or Altered”

Prices are given after approval of specifications by email to jgray@jayandmartin.com.

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