Yellow Corn #2 GMO

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Short Description:
Yellow Corn grade 2 GMO in bulk USA origin

Country of Origin:
United States


Bulk only - no bags

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Extended Description:
Specifications for Yellow Corn grade 2 GMO in bulk USA origin.

Product: YELLOW CORN #2
Origin: USA
Protein: 8% Average
Moisture: 14% Average
Admixture: 2.5% basis
Starch Content: 60-68% Average
Heat damaged kernels: 0.2% Average
Broken kernels: 2.4% Average
Total damaged kernels: 5% Average
Hectoliter: 68 KC Average
Weight/Bushel: 57.6 lbs./bu. Average
Radiation: none
Alfatoxin: 20 ppb Average
Crop: most recent
Free of molding, chemicals, pests, or insects

This product is “Non-Genetically Modified or Altered and Genetically Modified or Altered. The Yellow Corn #2 is mixed. The percentile is in the 60% average range. {GMO}

The inspection is by Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS) USDA or SGS, buyer option.

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